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Our big aim is the The Head Co. Foundation! The Head Co. Foundation will be the charitable, not for profit arm of the business responsible for delivering all of our mental health services and programmes.

Our aim is to help as many people as possible in as many ways as possible. We are on a quest to "normalise" mental health in a way in which people feel comfortable and open to talk about signs, symptoms and anything they are worried or concerned about. 

The foundation has multiple constant projects that we will be constantly fund raising for. Below is a list and further information around the different services we aim to offer. However, in order to sustainability deliver these services and expand our work we need your help!


By buying any of our items your not only helping support our brand recognition but you are directly funding our foundation. In addition to buying our products you can also help by raising money for us through sponsored events and / or you can also donate directly to us using the button on the bottom of this page.

We just want to say thank-you to everyone who contributes to our amazing goals.

Together we can make a difference!

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Our team of lovely, bubbly and sociable callers will spend their time phoning those who may be in need of a friendly voice and a nice chat. They could be an old person who just needs some company, they could be a young person who is having a hard time and just needs a ear to listen. Whatever the need we don't judge, quite the opposite we just sit listen and support.

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We know how important it is to exercise, by just going out for a walk you can strengthen muscles, improve sleep, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, slow down mental decline, improve your breathe, lower alzheimer's risk and increase mood, to name but a few.

Despite the many benefits people still have boundaries to taking those steps. Whether it be because they don't feel comfortable walking in the local area alone, whether they're unsteady on their feet or maybe something else always seems to get in the way, or it maybe just you / they prefer to have some company.

Whatever the reason we're here to support. Our walkers will provide the answer to any barriers to going out and enjoying the fresh air. That little bit of company to help support and enjoy the benefits of walking.

Walk in the Park
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Boy Cuddling with his Dog


Happiness, fun, excitement, love, affection, loyalty, non-judgemental are all feelings that animals inject into us. We absolutely love our furry friends here at The Head Co. foundation and we want to share that love. 

We are well aware that despite the immeasurable joy a four legged friend maybe bring they are also a huge commitment and a lot of responsibility to take one on full time. Many factors such as finance, age, time, living space, family life and commitments, ability to walk them twice a day or clean them out daily will prevent people from owning a pet.

At The Head Co. Foundation we don't believe that there should be any factors that prevent people experiencing the happiness a pet can bring! That is why we created our Pet Pals initiative. We will accompany our furry friends to your home so you can have 30 minutes to 1 hour of fun and enjoyment.

Pet pals is great for everyone whether it be an older person who spends a lot of time alone, a young busy professional, a child who has had a rough time at school, we don't judge and our pets certainly don't! Our loveable pets are here for that pick me up that is required.

Foundation: Service


Whether it is a community group, a work group, sports teams or anything else, we want to go out to groups of people to help deliver all key messages around mental health. We want to increase awareness around what we do and how we can help and support absolutely everyone.

We cover aspects such as recognising signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety, methods and techniques to deal with stress and anxiety, relaxation methods, separating work stress from home life, where to find help, stages of help and very importantly answer any questions people may have.

Giving a Speech
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Visual Project


We have a big and very bold long term plan around a key aspect of what we want to deliver and a huge part of what we hope will be a forever remembered legacy. 

For now this has to remain under wraps but little by little and step by step we will get forever closer with your help.

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Our safe and secure facebook group for those who want to discuss all things mental health.

Our foundation will set up, run and monitor The Head Space facebook group. 

The Head Space has been set to allow people to discuss everything and anything about Mental Health. 

It's a place where people can find comfort amongst those who have either had experiences themselves, have witness and / or support family members or friends who have suffered from poor mental health or it can be for those who just want to support others who maybe feeling a bit down or low.

Regardless of what brings you to our page, we're here to make you feel a bit better and for you to find help and support from others or to give it to other people.

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We greatly appreciate your donation(s). Whether it is 1p or £1 Million we know we have a responsibility to use that money to the highest efficiency possible. That is why it will be with extra care we decide how to maximise your donation.

By donating, your money will go towards our goals and ambitions of providing mental health sessions for those in need, providing free access to counselling services, sending our team around the country promoting mental health awareness and fund the delivery of all the services listed above.

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