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We want you to help us spread the word!

The Head Co. is fully aware of how we are "stronger together" and the great effect we can have through partnerships and working together. We see three great impacts we can  to increase awareness of mental health, let everyone know what our brand is about and thirdly to help make sure individuals know how to look after their mental health and where they should turn should they need help.

So take a look below at some of our thoughts and ideas at how we can accomplish the above together and if you are either within an organisation that you'd like to see help or you're in a decision making position within another organisation please get in touch, we would absolutely love to hear from you.

Likewise if you have other ideas that aren't listed below then again please do reach out as we would be only too happy to explore your ideas.

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Clothing Rack


Feel passionate about supporting mental health? Want to do your bit? Own a premises? Then why don't you stock our beanies?

With both table top and floor POS we have options to cater for the size of your business premises. There is no restriction to what businesses can be a stockist so regardless if your businesses is a gym, golf club shop or even a coffee shop we would love you to help us spread the word.

If you own a business premises or are in charge of product purchasing please get in touch below as we would love to chat. 


Are you an HR Director or manager? Do you own a business where you employ staff? Why not work with us to provide mental health support to your employees.

It is extremely important that every single employee feels like your company is open, understanding and wants to help it's employees in relation to mental health. We can help and work together in many ways.

Why not treat your staff to a Head Co. wellbeing pack? These packs can be made up from a variety of items to suit your budget. With Christmas parties unable to take place this year why not put the money towards supporting your staff through this tough time and also tick off your CSR with your money going towards helping deliver multiple mental health services and charities.

We have our own team of psychologists and counsellors and are more than happy to come in and deliver talks alongside giving out packs and information.

Please get in touch below to have a further in-depth conversation around your organisation.

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Donation Jar


It maybe that you have a particular campaign or project which you would like to fund or contribute towards or it may just be that you love what we're doing and what to help play your part in scaling our reach in order to help more people. Whatever the motivating factor maybe we would be delighted to accept any donations or discuss sponsorship around projects and campaigns.

If you would like to do either of the two please get in touch using the contact button below and we would be only too happy to open up a conversation and put together a plan.


Want to get involved? Do you have a passion for helping people? Can you relate to our goal and mission? Then get in touch to become a Head Co. ambassador.

We know that together we are stronger and the more people we have involved with the right intensions the more people we can help reach and help with their mental health. 

There is no minimum or maximum requirements or commitments we will just have a very open and honest conversation and are very grateful for whatever part you wish to play.

So please get in touch and together we can start to make an even bigger difference.

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Our Foundation is going to be set up in order to help us use the money we raise to deliver Mental Health projects. The more volunteers we have aiding us to deliver the further we can stretch every pound.

It doesn't necessarily have to be volunteering to deliver services, it could be volunteering to be a model for a photo shoot, it could be helping sell our products the list is endless.

So if you want to volunteer your time to help us grow and help more people please get in touch below or head over to our The Head Co. Foundation page for more information about our Foundation.

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